Thank you!


I have been writing this blog for six months and have found it a very rewarding experience. I want to say “Gracias” and “Thanks” to all of you: my students, new and old friends, who have been supporting this initiative, becoming followers, giving feedback, commenting and helping me in many ways, bringing your ideas and suggestions. They are very welcome.

When I began, I didn’t realise that I would be contacted by people from all over the world, with a vast array of interests in all things Spanish: understandable doubts on grammar and spelling; questions on phonetics, some of which I tried to answer in previous blogs; help with Spanish essays; exams and jobs interviews. Some have shown a great curiosity for Latin American and Spanish literature, music and art. People eager to share their learning experiences and the obstacles they are facing when learning Spanish.

Please continue bringing your questions and suggestions for future blogs. I would like to make this blog, and other web spaces related to this one, as interactive and participative as possible. So, please continue the conversation.

Reminder: the “Hoxton Spanish Online Coffee Club” remains open in the late afternoon /eve on Sundays, for informal language consultations / conversation; and a new “Hoxton Spanish Wine Eve Group” is open for enrolment. Meeting location to be agreed. I have suggested De la Panza, the Restaurant in N1 3JS, so we can enjoy a conversation whilst having a glass of wine and one or two delicious “empanadas”. Email me at:

Thank you again for such great enthusiasm; the responses surpassed my expectations and I am grateful for your continued interest and kindness.

Adrián Sánchez  – –

Ps: It is my intention to develop the blog bilingually, in English and Spanish, and this will happen eventually when I get the time (and it will not be in the near future). However, if some contributors would like to help with this task, we will achieve this goal easier and sooner.

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About hoxton spanish tutor info

Hi, my name is Adrian Sanchez. I am passionate about words and languages, particularly Spanish, the language I learned at my mother’s knee. I am curious about how languages change and evolve. I am a qualified Spanish Teacher (CLTA) and a journalist. I have taught in literacy campaigns in Latin America and given Spanish tuition in Spain and in the UK. I would like to share some of my thoughts on the Spanish language; and particularly on what I have learned from my students, who in many ways have become my teachers throughout the years. Spanish is a vast and beautiful language and I would like you to accompany me on a journey of discoveries, so I will be presenting two blogs per month and I would like to hear from you. Here is a link to my webpage: You can visit my blog here: Email: Thank you!

6 responses to “Thank you!”

  1. maidinlland says :

    Even though I am not learning Spanish, I am studying Dutch, I find this blog invaluable! All your tips re. how to set about learning a language seem to work across the board. Thank you for all your great work! I never miss a blog entry!


  2. Azucena says :

    Felicitaciones Adrian!! el blog es excelente, en forma y en contenido.


  3. Tony O'Hara says :

    Hi Adrian

    Could you possibly keep me in mind for the Wine Evening once you get the details sorted?



  4. Kevin Doble says :

    Este blog es siempre interesante e informativo. Gracias.


  5. marita says :

    ¡Hola a todos! Si, es una buena idea que podamos recibir este blog en ingles y español. Marita


  6. Alison says :

    Mil gracias Adrian. Eres un excelente profesor. Tus temas son originales que hablan de asuntos interesantes de la lengua y la literatura.

    I hope you continue your monthly missives, I look forward to them – all the way here in Los Angeles.


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