Too Early to Start Considering your New Year Resolution?

If your answer is “yes”? … Think again.

“For humankind, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.  For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.” Edwin Way Teale


Autumn has arrived here, a little later than usual, with that soft sunlight coming in installments, sprinkled with heavy showers, in anticipation of the cold weather heading our way in this part of the world.

We are fast approaching the end of another year, a time to reflect on what we have achieved and to look forward. What plans are you going to make for next year?

It may appear too early to make “new year resolutions” now … but have you considered how you will spend those long, dark winter months? Why not make one “new year resolution” early and put those cold winter evenings to good use with a program of study in Spanish. For those who lead a busy life, learning Spanish, through Skype or FaceTime, in the comfort of your home may be a good decision – log fire is optional.

 I  believe that to learn a language must be FUN. 

It must be a frequent and enjoyable route full of discoveries.

In order to understand a new language it must be relevant to the learner and using conversational techniques helps us to grasp and to memorise these new ideas faster.

It is a navigation into a new universe full of discoveries. See my article: Learning Spanish must be FUN, 22 February 2014).


I would like to invite you to enroll for my range of online winter classes which are designed to suit your specific Spanish language requirements. Stay warm and enjoy Spanish language lessons with a qualified and experienced native Spanish language tutor (that is me).

If you register between 18 November and 10 December 2014 for the online winter classes you will receive a 20% discount off a minimum of 4 classes; and 30% discount for the winter term.

I offer a free 45 minutes consultation session:

  • assessment and drafting of an individualised plan;
  • a brief online class taster.

Enrol now and pay in the new year. Money back guarantee (ask about terms and conditions).

For further information, please see my Spanish Tutor Info web: click here or contact me by email at:

Welcome to the Spanish world in 2015!


November 2015

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About hoxton spanish tutor info

Hi, my name is Adrian Sanchez. I am passionate about words and languages, particularly Spanish, the language I learned at my mother’s knee. I am curious about how languages change and evolve. I am a qualified Spanish Teacher (CLTA) and a journalist. I have taught in literacy campaigns in Latin America and given Spanish tuition in Spain and in the UK. I would like to share some of my thoughts on the Spanish language; and particularly on what I have learned from my students, who in many ways have become my teachers throughout the years. Spanish is a vast and beautiful language and I would like you to accompany me on a journey of discoveries, so I will be presenting two blogs per month and I would like to hear from you. Here is a link to my webpage: You can visit my blog here: Email: Thank you!

3 responses to “Too Early to Start Considering your New Year Resolution?”

  1. Tony says :

    Excellent idea.


  2. sustainabilitea says :

    I love that quote and the idea of spreading out and learning in a new year.



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